Craftie Nation, Unite.

You’re a craftie. You probably just don’t know it yet. For example, if you’ve ever struggled to choose a six-pack from a vast beer aisle and your family filed a missing persons report because you left on a beer run two days ago, then you’re a craftie. But it’s okay. Embrace your craftie ways, and join the craftie movement.

Just as a cigar aficionado puffs on a fine cigar, a wine connoisseur sniffs the bouquet of a rare vintage, or a foodie travels to a remote eatery to savor its unique cuisine, a craftie has the same passion for a pint of fine craft beer. If that last example sounds like you, then you’re definitely a craftie. That’s the good news. The great news? We’re in the Golden Age of Beer. You’ve seen the signs: beer aisles swelling with new six-packs each week, a slew of seasonal brews coming out all year, and craft breweries popping up at a breakneck pace across the country. There has never been a better time for crafties to band together, allies in arms for the craft beer drinking cause.

Of course, now that you’re a craftie you’ll need to get Craftie™. It’s the perfect app for craft beer lovers, and it provides instant immersion into the craftie community. Sure, there are plenty of beer apps out there, but this one’s different because it focuses solely on craft beer and your ever-evolving relationship with it. With a free account, you’ll find a robust database of the country’s finest craft breweries and the great craft beer that they produce right at your fingertips. You can even learn about the brewmasters and the process they use to make their breweries and craft beers unique. With a premium subscription, you’ll utilize a personal database to make notes and rate the craft beers you’ve tried and love most.

So welcome, once and for all, to the craftie movement. The next time your friends come over and accuse you of hoarding because they had to step over a few growlers you’ve grabbed from your favorite craft breweries, just tell them you’re a craftie. Then raise your pint glass and rejoice. Craftie Nation, unite.

Craftie™ contains a swift, intelligent search function that allows you to find craft beers and the breweries that create them. With a free account, search specifically by beer or brewery name.

You can also complete a comprehensive search by state, city or zip code. When results come up, narrow it down even further by utilizing a radius search that lets you discover which beers or breweries are located nearby.

If you’re thirsting for a particular type of beer, Craftie™ is agile enough to let you search by beer style, too. And by using the radius search function you can find out if that style of beer is located nearby.

Craftie™ comes fully loaded with craft brewery profiles managed by the breweries themselves. Search results with a free account yield information about each brewery’s uniqueness, including details about its history and brewmaster.

While search results also display the craft brewery’s product line-up, breweries have the option to include contact information so you can communicate with them directly.

When hunting for a particular beer, search results provide extensive craft beer profiles. Learn about a beer’s history, the brewery where it’s made, its unique ingredients, and other important stats, all provided by the brewery’s directly.

Beer profiles also offer detailed views of the beer itself. Profiles include the craft beer’s unique tap art and label art, so from now on you’ll be able to track down the craft beer you fell in love with.

When it comes to visiting breweries with a premium subscription, you’ll be able to enter personalized notes about your experience. Add a brewery to your “visited” list or your “favorites” list, and add your own individual ratings, too.

If you’d rather focus on individual craft beers, a premium subscription will allow you to do that as well. Easily add a craft beer to your “imbibed” list or your “favorites” list, and make private tasting notes about the ones you love the most.

Craftie™ is social. So are you. Let’s connect.

Even though we might not be able to share in a conversation with you over a beer in person, we easily can now through several channels. That’s the beauty of living in a digital, mobile and social world. Talk to you soon. Cheers!

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